Personal Injury

When you are looking for an attorney you must find one that you trust has the experience and competence to meet your needs and will look out for your best interests. Being accused of committing a criminal offense is stressful. The right attorney can help reduce that stress by providing you with the information you need to make the most informed choice on your case.  It is your case, not the attorneys.  You should trust that the attorney will keep you informed of the options that will best serve your needs and strongly advocate for the choice that you make. Mr. Juarez has experience in representing clients accused of committing serious felonies. Mr. Juarez has done trials for people accused of drug possession and trafficking, sexual assault, sexual assault of a child, securities fraud, other white collar crimes and murder. While these charges carry significant penalties they each also have collateral consequences that the client must be aware of.  Being accused of these crimes can often lead to losing their job. The person accused of a sexual assault could be facing protection orders that limit who they can contact including their own children.  If convicted they could also face the requirement to register as a sex offender. In Colorado some sex offenses even carry indeterminate sentences that could last for life. For white collar crimes the collateral consequences could include the loss of license to continue to engage in the financial services industry.  The court could order significant restitution awards.  There can even be civil forfeiture actions against your personal assets even if no criminal charges are ever filed. Mr. Juarez has represented numerous clients accused of misdemeanor and traffic offenses.  Some misdemeanors while carrying only minor court penalties also have significant collateral consequences. A misdemeanor offense that is categorized as a crime of domestic violence could also include the requirement to complete thirty–six (36) weeks of domestic violence counseling.  Additionally, due to the Federal Brady Bill, a person convicted of a domestic violence offense could lose their right to own or possess a firearm.  This includes for recreation or hunting purposes. DUI cases almost always involve a driver’s license revocation action.  A license to drive could be lost for up to two years and also require the use of an alcohol interlock system upon reinstatement. Another collateral consequence to be aware of is that even if in the country legally a conviction of any type could lead to the immediate deportation or a revocation of legal status of the client.