Personal Injury

If you are injured in an automobile accident or through the negligence of another our firm can represent you in pursuing your claim. Television is full of ads of attorneys that represent people who are injured.  In order to pay for that television advertisement they must undertake the representation of a large number of people. They have large staffs of paralegals and attorneys that work to administer the claims of their clients to arrive at a settlement of the claim to generate income for the law firm and the attorney and to pay for the television ads. There is no big secret on what the attorney must do to maximize the recovery for a client. The attorney must first make sure the client has reached the point of maximum medical improvement before settlement of the client’s claim can be made.  Once a settlement is final the client will not receive any more money from which to pay any future medical expenses.  It is important not to settle the case too quickly to insure that the client’s medical needs have been met. Once the client has received treatment and has reached the point of maximum improvement then the attorney and the client provide the basis of liability to the at-fault person or their insurance representative.  The attorney provides the medical information and the prognosis for possible future medical consequences or treatment.  Any claim for permanent injury, lost wages and pain and suffering are included.  The attorney then negotiates the maximum possible recovery subject to the approval of the client.  If a settlement cannot be reached the attorney files the claim in court and proceeds to prosecute a civil action for the recovery. Often times there is no insurance to pay for medical treatment while the claim is pending.  Insurance companies are not obligated to pay in advance before a settlement is completed.  Many clients do not have health insurance or other insurance to cover their medical expenses while they seek to improve or while the court process is pending.  Mr. Juarez does honor liens filed on behalf of medical providers and will negotiate liens to permit treatment to continue while the claim is pending. Mr. Juarez accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. He is experienced at settlement negotiation and also at proceeding to jury trial if necessary to prosecute a claim on the client’s behalf. Mr. Juarez focuses on the care and treatment the client receives and never rushes to settlement of a claim.